Magenta Ed was founded by Sophia Chang on the firm belief that knowledge is power and that true success can only begin with the right vision. However, many 9th-12th students do not know why they do what they do. Understanding their vision early on is key to building personal motivation and direction. Magenta Ed believes every student has all the strength they need within themselves to achieve anything they wish, but it all starts with knowing what it takes to unleash that power and understanding their vision. Start empowering you and your student with the right knowledge and start envisioning for success now. 

Sophia Chang
Founder and College Counselor at Magenta Ed

  • B.A in Political Science w/ minor in Film, TV, and Digital Media Studies, UCLA
  • Certified College Counselor, UCLA
  • Co-author of Steve Jobs' Greatest Golden Speeches, 2011
  • Former Center Director of C2 Education in Brentwood, Los Angeles
  • Former Live News Reporter for Education and International News for TBSeFM
  • Former Instructor for Pagoda Academy in Seoul
  • Reviewed over 800 applications and essays for K-12 private schools and top colleges

For over a decade, I have worked with hundreds of students and families and have gotten numerous students accepted into top K-12 private schools and boarding schools, as well as top colleges including Stanford, Columbia, Penn, Cornell, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, NYU, Emory, Georgetown, and many more. I have also been a Center Director at C2 Education for four years and have motivated numerous students to succeed with the right plan and tools.

Prior to my experience as Center Director, I was a Live News Reporter for TBSeFM where I reported on Education and International News while also teaching at Pagoda Academy in Seoul. I am also the co-author of Steve Jobs' Greatest Golden Speeches, a book on how to be a successful presenter and speaker. My past experiences give me great insight into education from various perspectives: as an education instructor, reporter, writer, and managing director. 


MY Mission

I believe that knowing and planning is half the motivation it takes to maximize your success. The rest is action and consistency. I will be your own personal trainer who will unleash and build your vision through a personalized, step-by-step academic plan that will help reach your highest potential. Get motivated and be empowered now. 

magenta ed will provide consulting on the following:

1. Admissions help and consulting to get into top colleges including Ivy Leagues and more

2. 9th-12th Academic Planning for tests, as well as summer programs and extracurricular activities planning

3. Customized study skills and organization skills on how to prepare month by month, year by year, for maximum success for colleges and beyond

4. Personality and Career Assessment for optimal college matching and extracurricular activities

5. College application and essay help, as well as college interview coaching

Sophia’s customized timeline and plan will help you organize and prepare in the best way possible. After a customized plan, I walked away knowing exactly what I had to do to get to my dream school - Stanford. I am proud to say I am now a second year at Stanford University.
— Michelle Williams, Stanford Undergraduate Student