Option 1: GPA Management & Tutoring

  • Individualized tutoring for all school courses up K-12th grade

  • Academic planner and timeline to develop study skills and organizational skills

  • Weekly summary of progress and feedback to maximize school performance and grades

Option 2: SAT/ ACT/ SAT II & AP Test Prep

  • Diagnostic test and in-depth analysis to help determine best test prep option

  • Individualized tutoring exclusively designed to target certain scores

  • Test prep planner to organize your time towards targeted test dates

Option 3: College Counseling & Essay Help

  • Personality and Career Assessment

  • Match List for Colleges + Summer Programs

  • Academic Trajectory Report of where you are now and how to get on the right academic track

  • Test Prep and GPA Management Planner

  • College Application Planner

  • College Essay help (includes interview help)

Option 4: VIP All-Inclusive Program

  • Includes an all-inclusive, comprehensive program for all 3 steps:

    • GPA Management & Tutoring

    • SAT/ ACT/ SAT II Test Prep

    • College Counseling and Essay Help